Ralph Lauren V neck

Hello my dear friends,

It has been so long that I have not updated my blog…… Just not sure where the time has gone:-(  Hope you are all doing great and enjoying the beautiful fall season. I really  miss you all here……

I got back from Montreal last week. The weather was really nice over there. Perfect time to visit this historical city. I was so charmed by those artistic architecture, both old and new and impressed by the French-speaking people there who are actually multilingual……

Today I am going to introduce to you my Ralph Lauren V neck sheath dress.

Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite brands although the brand is well known for its sports wear. I am a fan of its V neck sheath dresses for years. Each year whenever I see this type of style on sale, I will normally get it at the lowest bargain price.  I had my wardrobe filled with either floral prints or solid color of his brand. They are always my to go dresses for work. They are comfortable to wear and easy to wash , very slimming and flattering. And lastly they never go out of style. I absolutely love and recommend them.

This black & red floral print dress is a great choice for fall and winter. If you are hourglass like me,  with stretchy fabric it helps flattening your stomach and creates the look of a relatively defined waist.

Black or red dress shoes can never go wrong with this color combo prints here.


This was at the lobby of Le Westin Hotel in Montreal Canada






This was at a local Mexican restaurant Montreal Canada. It is beautifully decorated.



Here are some of the sites that normally carry this particular style of Ralph Lauren dresses.




Hat: Nine West  click here

Shoes: Pop Plano Mary Jane Pumps click here

Handbag similar click here

Well so much for today.  Please leave your feedback and comments on how you like my new look today.

Thanks for watching.


Hope everyone a nice week. I will see you guys next time.



“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

” Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

23 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren V neck

  1. Hi Bonnie it’s good to see you again I am glad that you had a good time in Montreal. The sheath dress is really gorgeous on you❤ I love the print red and black looks so good together. Red shoes are very cute too

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  2. Hi Bonnie. Nice to see you again. I’m happy that you have enjoyed my hometown. Montreal is indeed a beautiful place to live and visit. You took great pics in that Mexican restaurant. Remember the name? Love the dress by the way. I’m a huge fan of Ralph Lauren sheath dress as well. Like Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Montreal is so beautiful. I love the old town and the port. I especially like the school campus of Mcgill University and Mount Royal . It was so gorgeous. I am sorry I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. It was inside the convention center downtown, I believe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries. I was just curious. It looks like a nice place my kids would love to go eat. Have you visit the Red Path Museum of Mcgill University. There are skeletons of dinosaurs. An Albertosaurus in particular. It looks like a T-Rex. Have you been to the Botanical Garden and St-Laurent Boulevard?

        Liked by 1 person

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