Style On Budget

Hello Everyone, Hope you have been doing well and enjoying your life to the fullest.  Life is short. Live it well:-)
I have not updated my blog for such a long time. Thanks for following me still. I appreciate everyone who has come to my site to view my posts, either click likes, or give comments and encouragement. You guys mean a lot to me!!

Talking about style  is not an easy thing. You have to know yourself so well to be able to figure out what looks good on you. Your body shape – if you are the shape of pear, apple, hourglass or straight, your skin and hair color, height, shoe size , waistline, the proportion of your overall body structure, your temperament and much more……

Do you have to buy expensive or designer’s clothing to look stylish and impressive? The answer is not necessarily and I would say “NO”.

This black & white sheath dress – I got it from the clearance rack of the local store of JC Penny for just about 10 bucks. It was originally priced at $70 and marked down quite a bit at end of the season. I love it so much that it  has become one of my favorite dresses for work.



This black and ivory striped handbag is quite affordable as well from It is the right size for work with a lot of room for purse, cosmetic bags, keys, cell phone and so forth.



I want to add a few things here about how to look stylish on a budget:

Find your budget and stick to it.  Spend reasonable amount on clothing

Go online or outlet to look for deals.

Always use coupons and wait for the real deal ( the final price that you have to pay )

Exchange clothes with your sisters or girl friends

Shop at consignment store, second hand store or even a yard sale to look for hidden treasure.

Look at your overall wardrobe and decide what component is really missing and choose your clothing wisely.

Shop for simple and timeless pieces with nice design and quality.  Too trendy clothing becomes out of style very quickly.

Always  remember “Less is More”

Well I hope you enjoy my post today. You all have a lovely week. I will see you next time



“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

” Fashion fades, style is eternal.”


32 thoughts on “Style On Budget

  1. You are so right Bonnie time goes so fast!! Where did the summer go? It is good to see you back posting , life can get busy , I know only too well! There sure are a lot of considerations into buying a dress or any outfit , and then being able to accessorise to it. You are right about not having to spend a lot for style. I have gone to goodwill and other discount stores and got some great bargains , with the tags still on!! This dress is very cute on you! I love the bold floral print . The purse is cute and looks big enough to carry all the nessicities for a day out at work or play! I love the shoes too! Thanks so much for the tips!! We can all use them in one way or another. Take care Dear, Terri xo.

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      1. You are welcome Bonnie❤ I am glad that I can inspire you and I always look forward to seeing your posts pop-up in this short space of time that I’ve been following you. Have a beautiful day hugs Terri🏵

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  2. Fabulous dress Bonnie, a classic look! I would have bought it too! And for $10! WOW!! Fortunately, it fits you perfectly, sometimes when things go on sale, there isn’t always the right size.


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      1. Thank you Bonnie , I will do all the work. I will pick a photo of you in a favorite dress and get my bloggers to comment on it. May I pick it out or is there a certain dress you would like featured? Terri xo.

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  3. I love you put this outfit together. It’s so simple yet I can’t do it for the life of me lol. I’m so afraid to mix and match patterns even with accesories 😣 I love this outfit though! And it’s very true that you’ll find great pieces at thrift stores, you just gotta be patient and eventually you’ll find a gem. I need to start thrifting again.

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