Polka Dot Midi

Hello my dear friends,

How have you been this week? The summer heat will be close to its end hopefully. I am looking forward to the coming of fall as I have booked the flight to Montreal Canada in Sept for a 3-day tour to experience its fascinating art, food, culture and architecture. The best part of it is of course to see its early fall leaves.

I have been a lover of polka dot dresses, shirts and blouses since I was a teenager girl …… To me polka dot print  is as lovely as Minnie Mouse and as charming and attractive as those vintage dresses from the 20’s.


This navy blue and white polka dot V-Neck – mid sleeves – midi dress is what  I have ordered from JC penny.com a couple of years ago.  I love it so much that I have never tired of it as of now . It has been my to go dress either for work , for a date out or for a party.

The polka dot dress flatters my petite hourglass shape I believe. I have been having difficult time finding the right style for my body shape and height for quite a while – I am only 5’3 ,but curvy.  After many years of trial and error, I know that sheath dress is for me but not swift dress; midi, not maxi; A-line or fit and flare, not baggy; smaller dot, prints, not big ones. Solid color is the best…..

No body shape is perfect. No matter what type of body figure you have,  you can always have the potential to be more attractive as long as you use the right dressing techniques and find your own style. Do not be afraid of embracing your  beauty inside & out.  But still I have to say that I am lucky enough to have the hourglass figure……



Again I paired the dress with my red shoes and red handbag to match the red tie waist.


IMG_8807_meitu_5If you want to dress down, you can pair the dress with casual shoes. I wore this pair of red Keds casual shoes when going to a park. It is super comfortable.






I can also switch to a pair of white pump to go with the white dot on the dress.



I love this classy and elegant polka dot dress. Do you? Please let me know how you think about  the look in the comment section.

Hope you enjoy my post today. I will see you next time



“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

” Fashion fades, style is eternal.”


33 thoughts on “Polka Dot Midi

  1. Hi Bonnie, cute dress! You mentioned you are going to Montreal. It’s a beautiful place. You feel like you are in France. But be careful. When we went there several years ago, someone stole my purse. I lost my passport, wallet, keys, and my memory chip off several days of vacation. – Rita

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  2. 这是你上次来亚特兰大穿的那条裙子吗?搭配包包和鞋子很漂亮,我也喜欢点点的衣服,只是懒得逛商店,网上买又怕不合适

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  3. You’re wearing Keds so you won me over on that one! I think this dress is perfect because the Polka Dots get smaller and less dense as they work their way up your dress which makes it make you look taller. And red, white & blue? One of my favorite combinations.

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  4. This is a beautiful outfit, and you are absolutely lovely. Thanks for visiting my site today, and I’m so glad I came here. You have great style…and such poise! so lovely to meet you!

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  5. Hi Bonnie , I hope you enjoy Canada , should be fun!! This dress is truly amazing on you. You have a great figure and this dress has a great cut . The red shoes with the purse and bow have it beautifully accessorised . I also like the white pumps with it, definitely a nice match too. You are a truly classy Lady who I am glad our paths crossed ! Take care , hugs, Terri xo.

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    1. Thank you Terri for your kind words and encouragement. What you have said will definitely motivate me to continue with my fashion path and be a blogger with content of quality and excellence. But I have a lot to learn though … never ending …


    1. Thanks. I have venous insufficiency due to am accident from a couple of years ago.. I have to wear medical strength compression stocking. I miss the days terribly when I was able to polish my toenails and wear my beautiful sandals,


      1. I’m sorry to hear that. I bet your toes are still super sexy. You have a great smile and amazing sense of style. Well maybe one day you will show off those toes.

        Have a great evening

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