Recurring Themes – Jacket Dress

Hello my dear friends,

How are you doing? Hope everything is going on well in your world this week.

Today is Thursday Aug the 9th. It is my grown-up boy’s birthday.I can’t believe how fast time has flown….. Isn’t that long – more than two decades have gone by. That babyboy with beautiful black eyes and loud cries has grown up into a fine, responsible and handsome young man now…..It is a truly blessing to have him.

Are you like me enjoying getting similar style of clothing every year?

Taking an intentional look at my closet, I have noticed that there are quite many pieces that are very identical in my wardrobe:  styles , colors or even brands. Maybe that is what is called “Personal Style” I guess having personal style  is because of she knowing what looks good on her and feeling confident about it?   It could also mean knowing how to create a flattering outfit that reflects her true self :  desires,  taste, aspirations?

Let me show you my two jacket dresses here.

Outfit 1




IMG_1639_meitu_6_meitu_1 mold




IMG_1659 (1)_meitu_10


Outfit 2







Two Bowei

These two jacket dresses are so similar. I purchased them in two different years from JC Penny

Just colors and patterns are slightly different. They are all very springy and bright.

Outfits similar: Here

White Hat similar: Here

Straw Hat similar: Here

Handbag similar: Here

Hope you like my post today. Enjoy your coming weekend. I will see you guys next time.





“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

” Fashion fades, style is eternal.”






19 thoughts on “Recurring Themes – Jacket Dress

  1. Both outfits are similar and yet the colours are different. I also like similar styles and often buy two of a kind in different colours. My mom did that and my daughter does it too. August 9th is mom’s birthday, that’s why I wrote my post today about how she inspired me!

    Happy birthday to your son!


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  2. I recently changed my website to .ORG and unfortunately all of my subscribers no longer have access to my blog post. Here is a link to my recent blog post you can also subscribe if you don’t mind so you get notified each time I post. Thank you


  3. Hi Bonnie , belated birthday wishes to your son! it is wonderful he has grown up into a fine man , it is what we want from all our kids to be great Men and Women. Personal style is a great way of showing who we are and the confidence to wear any given outfit. The green jacket dress is sooo cute on you! I love the neckline detail on the jacket with the tie bow and the design on the dress is flattering , the hemline is the perfect length. Your shoes incorporate the dress color nicely too. The yellow jacket dress is similar and equally as cute as the first one with a big pop of color! The print is a favorite to me too, i love the matching purse and the pumps finish off the style . Your photos imposed in the water bottles are amazing, is there an app you use? Keep up the feminine styling , I love it !! Enjoy your weekend, hugs, Terri xo.

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    1. Thanks you Terri so much for such a detailed comment. You definitely become my motivation to move on…. Yes the images in water bottle – I used the photo editing tool called “meitu” just want to add a little bit creativity. You descriptions are so professional and such an inspiration for me. I am sure I will keep going on. A big Thank YOU. hug xoxo Bonnie


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