Fit & Flare Floral Dress With V Neck

Hello my dear friends!
Aren’t you glad that it is weekend again. It has been a busy week for me. I did not get the chance to update my blog. The weather is pretty warm down here in the southeastern part of the US. It seems that we have thunderstorm/rain late in the afternoon daily recently , which is the norm here in the summer.
I fell in love with this Vince Camuto fit & flare pink floral dress with cap sleeves. I have a typical hourglass body figure. This dress flatters my body shape so well. It is perfect to wear in the summer  either for a day out or a date night or out for dinner. The only drawback is its big prints. It might look too busy. But pink is definitely my color.


I paired the dress  with a pair of blue pump similar to highlighted- from a couple of years ago to match the blue floral pattern of the dress. The little white handbag by Liz Claiborne is Gabby Crossbody handbag.


The striking contrast of the colors sometimes can result in an unique and unexpected look. When wearing bold color dress with big prints, you have to be very careful with accessory and do not want to add more colors to the overall look.


To embrace large lavish loud outfit to shine without looking like a walking kaleidoscope,  you have to pick a clean cut style.


Now I switched my shoes to a pair of white pump by Jessica Simpson.It looks great also.  The white heeled pump goes well  with the white floral print on the floral dress.


The best part of the dress is the V neck and the waistline. I can look slimmer a bit in this loud piece.


The following sites are where all the items come from. I purchased either when on sale or at clearance. The exact items might not be available at this point of time, but they are very close and of the same brand to what I am wearing.
Dress: Vince Camuto
Handbag: Liz Claiborne
Shoes (blue) : Calvin Klein
Shoes (white): Jessica Simpson
fashion  pearl necklace and bracelet from
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Thanks for watching. Love you guys. I will see you next time. Have a lovely weekend!!




“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

” Fashion fades, style is eternal.”


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